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Tess Avelland Benefit -- We Love You!

Auction: The infamous antler PACKAGE!

Tess Avelland Benefit -- We Love You!

Auction: The infamous antler PACKAGE!

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keira faerie
Bidding has ended for this item. Congratulations to loobop2 , the high bidder!

This auction is for one pair of lightweight, comfortable to wear, hand-sculpted whitetail deer antlers, made by yours truly, Linden Sidhe. I normally sell these for $48, and have no real idea what the cost is, so I'll start the bidding at half of that- $24.

Lisa Stock has generously offered to add an AUTOGRAPHED copy of "Brother & Sister," the short film based on the poem by Terri Windling, in which my antlers are featured! While the film is still in post-production, you will receive your copy upon its completion. 

Please note that auction policies have changed, and I will be extending this auction to 7 days rather than 3. Apologies! We learn from experience!

Each new bid should be written as a "response" in a response thread to this post.
Bidding will end at 12 midnight EST on Thursday, February 26/27.
Payment for auction items should be sent directly to Tess' Paypal account; there is a Pay Pal button on the profile page of this community that you must use to send your payment. I will be providing shipping free of charge.   Once you have paid for your item, please forward me the Pay Pal receipt (you should receive one from Pay Pal in your email) to linden "at" lindensidhe "dot" com so that I will know that you have paid. Thank you so much and happy bidding!

brown leaves and fuzzy moss,


  • I'll go for the 24 -
  • Bid!

    Sorry for the slow response...

    I would like to bid $40 :)

    • Re: Bid!

      I have $50- paypal ready to go!!!!
      • Re: Bid!

        COngratulations, Loobop! You won!
        Please visit the profile page of this community (click the icon next to 'weloveyoutess' up on the navigation bar) and use the paypal button to send your payment. When you receive your receipt from paypal, please forward it to me!

        Thank you so much!
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